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Equipments show

Machine welding machine

Electrolytic production line

Laser cutting machine

Machine welding machine

Electrolytic production line

TANCHI Company

Tanchi History

  • 1998 Tianchi company started ambry hardware pull basket production industry.
  • 2000 The linkage development Angle pull basket fill the domestic blank, and awarded a gold medal at a national excellent new product.
  • 2002 The preparation of new plant, the company obtained the rapid development, and formulated the Q/FPC. 01-2000 quality standard.
  • 2004 A grade A heavy contract, keep promise enterprise.
  • 2006 Through the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification.
  • 2008 Production of stainless steel flat steel pull the basket production project.
  • 2010 It AA level enterprise contracts are honored and commercial integrity is maintained.
  • 2012 Company and buner, hardware group (UK) co., LTD CEO Bill cooperate jointly launched buner brand ambry, chest functional hardware.
  • 2014 Factory has been further expanded, stainless steel pull the basket electrolytic production line put into use.
  • 2016 Companies invest in projects of technical renovation, machine substitution automated processing system to consummate gradually.
  • Technology & quality
    The company persists in the principle of "science and technology as the first productive force" : break the traditional pure manual mill production mode, actively introduce advanced equipment, perfect manufacturing from manual to semi-automatic, automatic production and processing system. Constantly develop more humanized function to receive hardware products, trust in the market by high-quality products, touched by the user with the best service.
  • Marketing & service
    The company always adhere to the "create demand, lead the market" marketing policy, adhering to the "hard moved the customers with the best service" service concept, wins the market with high quality products and service, satisfied with the customer, at present, the company has established a perfect marketing at home and abroad market and network services, and with many well-known company has established good relations of cooperation.
  • Enterprise concept system
    Corporate philosophy:honesty, the pursuit of excellence
    Enterprise policy:omni directional adaptation and meet the market
    Quality policy:to provide better products, and through continuous improvement, and constantly adapt to and meet market demand
    Service attitude:efforts to use the best service to customers
    Brand view:quality as the foundation, to honor as the guarantee
Science and technology changes life
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